John E. Gordon, Jr

Hello, I am John Gordon, Jr founder and President of PRISTINE Services Incorporated. I would like to take the time to formally introduce myself and my company. As an established market place leader in facility management solutions, PRISTINE Services stands head and shoulders above the competition.

I first realized the importance of cleaning when at 16 I bought a 1965 Pontiac GTO, my first car. I spent every day of the summer of 69 cleaning and waxing my pride and joy. I further became experienced in cleanliness and waxing floors with helpful hints from my Drill Sargent, while serving in the Vietnam War. Years later, I went back to cleaning, working part time nights to supplement my computer programming salary. The gratification of a job well done was too tempting and eventually I took on cleaning full time. It may be hard to believe but I realized the work itself was more rewarding and fulfilling than the day-to-day stress and demands of my corporate and government jobs.

As a start from scratch self employed independent contractor, I gained valuable industry insights and business experience. I learned what disciplines, information, and resources work best in facility management and sanitation industries. Methodical adherence to customer driven processes is the key to service excellence. Processes define everything that we do, and guides the company in successfully managing our employees to meet customer expectations.

Key processes emphasized within our organization focus on customer communications, service quality, employee management, operations and finance. Employee satisfaction is essential to delivering consistent, high quality service. We provide our employees with the tools and training necessary to maximize their productivity. The operational knowledge instilled in our employees encourages a "customer first" mindset - one that yields superior performance results.

At PRISTINE Services, every customer interaction or task performed for the customer - whether it be daily janitorial services, or periodic services, such as carpet cleaning- is documented, scheduled, performed, and tracked by our IT systems. These systems also allow us to track every service request, labor hour, and site inspection, and provides us with the ability to asses job performance in real time.

The PSI family is here to assist you in making a decision on the upkeep of your facilities.

Great Service + Low Cost = Great Value

Please contact us today so we can see about saving you money while performing the level of service you expect.